Inconsistency of the QMLE and asymptotic normality of the weighted LSE for a class of conditionally heteroscedastic models.

Christian Francq and Jean-Michel Zakoïan
Keywords: Conditional homoscedasticity testing; Inconsistent estimator; Leverage effect; Linear ARCH; Quasi-maximum likelihood; Weighted least-squares.
Abstract: This paper considers a class of finite-order autoregressive linear ARCH models. The model captures the leverage effect, allows the volatility to be zero and to reach its minimum for non-zero innovations, and is appropriate for long-memory modeling when infinite orders are allowed. It is shown that the quasi-maximum likelihood estimator is, in general, inconsistent. To solve this problem, we propose a self-weighted least-squares estimator and show that this estimator is asymptotically normal. Furthermore, a score test for conditional homoscedasticity and diagnostic portmanteau tests are developed. The latter have an asymptotic distribution which is far from the standard chi-square. Simulation experiments are carried out to assess the performance of the proposed estimator.
MPRA MPRA working paper